Landscapes: Summer

Blue Flag Irises 2013 10x20

Blue Flag Irises 2013 10×20 SOLD

IMG_1503 (3)

Bucolic Escape 2019 Oil on Canvas 24″ x 36″

Golden Fields 8x10

Golden Fields , Oil on Panel, 10″ x 8 “

Lakeside 8 x 10

Lakeside, Oil on Panel, 10″ x 8″SOLD


Reservoir 16″ x 20″ LOil on Canvas

Lake Reflections 2015 a med

Solitude Oil 2015 24×18

The Blue Shed 2014 16 x 20 web

Blue Rocks 16″ x 20″ Oil on Canvas  SOLD

Tapsetry of Trees 2014 18 x 24 web

Tapestry of Trees Oil 2014 18×24  SOLD

Split Rail  2014 sketch  8 x 10 ii

Split Rail  Oil 2014 10×8

Shoreline Birch  2014 12x 12 web

Shoreline Birch Oil 2014 12×12 SOLD

Lakeview 2014 8 x 10 ii

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Inner islands Toronto Island, 20 x 16

Inner islands Toronto Island, 2013 20 x 16  SOLD

Yatch Club, The Bluffs 2013 20x20

Yacht Club, The Bluffs 2013 20×20

Head Lake in July 2014 24 x 30.jpg 2 - Copy

Head Lake in July   Oil 2009-14  30×24  SOLD 

Afternoon Delight  14 x 18 2016 iii

Afternoon Delight Oil 2016 14×18 SOLD 

At  the Dock 2016 16 x 12 ii

At the Dock Oil 2016 16×12

The Blue Shed 2014 16 x 20 web

The Blue Shed Oil 2014 20×16 SOLD

Shoreline Rocks  2014 16 x 16. ii web

Shoreline Rocks Oil 2014 12×12

Lake Ontario Summer   i  2013

Lake Ontario Summer  Oil 2013  48×24

August Days Ontario  i  2013

August Days Lake Ontario Oil 2013  36×24

Sunset, 2012

Sunset, Oil  2012, 18″ x 36″, Oil SOLD

Day Time ii

Daytime Oil 2012 18×36 SOLD

Woodland Retreat 20 x 16 2016 iii

Woodland Retreat Oil 2016 16×20

Port Credit Marina

The Marina, 2011, 20 x 22, Oil on canvas


  1. Hello Joan,

    Could you please tell me about 2 paintings in the Summer Landscapes file – Lake Ontario Summer and August Days Lake Ontario?
    Do they need to be framed?
    What are they painted on?
    Where could we see these in person?

    We are looking for a painting to hang over our couch so it needs to be horizontal in orientation and at least 3′ or 4′ wide.
    If you have any other landscapes this size, please send any images you may have.
    Thank you in advance,

    Pam and Dennis Ablett

    • Good morning Pam and Dennis
      it was lovely to hear from you. I have gone through the works I currently have in my studio re summer themes, sizes and prices:
      This is what I have that is of the sizes you need:
      1. Ontario Lake ( the one you mentioned, is 24″ in height and 48″ in length. it actually depicts a view of one of the Kawartha Lakes near Minden, not Lake Ontario ( I miss typed the title and forgot to update) it is available and is $1050
      2. August Days Lake Ontario, is sold , so not available.

      I have two other works of summer and water that might interest you .

      1. Reflections of Summer, 18″ x 36″ , it is $925
      2. The Majesty of Cape Spear, 24″ x 36″, it is $995

      I can email you images of them if you email me at.

      Re seeing the works, i am in Toronto and will be in two outdoor studio tours this Spring: May 27 &28, and June 10 & 11.
      If you are in the Toronto area, this could work for you or you could arrange to come and see them in my studio.
      Please let me know what you prefer.

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